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Therapy Practice Consulting specialises in websites for therapists.

We help skilled practitioners to optimise their web presence and attract clients that they can help consistently.

Counsellors and therapists in the UK spend years in study and training to become a safe pair of hands that their clients can trust.

However, having the skills to help doesn’t guarantee a steady stream of clients. It is also necessary to know how to effectively use online tools and methods to be found and attract these clients. Outdated methods including giving out brochures or passing business cards don’t work like they used to as more people turn online to search for a therapist.

Moreover, therapy is hard to “sell”. Most people who would benefit from it don’t understand exactly what it is a therapists does, the benefits of therapy aren’t easily expressed, and results cannot be guaranteed.Therapy requires people to admit that they need help and to accept that they might have to face challenging emotions. It also requires them to commit a significant amount of time and resources to the process.

One would think that, as part of their training, therapists and counsellors receive extensive training on how to find clients once they become qualified. However, this is far from actually happens, and newly trained professionals end up having to take part time jobs and volunteering.

This can be very discouraging for mental health professionals, in a time where we need more skilled therapists who are devoted to their craft more than ever. Modern lifestyles are proving to be conducive to worse mental health and increasing numbers of people need of the support of a mental health professional to deal with the difficulties and challenges in their life.

Our mission is to help counsellors and therapists with this side of their private practice so they can focus on what they do best and build on their skills, instead of spending countless hours puzzling how to attract clients online and save them months of trial and error.

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