Growing Through Grief

Time Has Frozen

You’ve lost someone you love, and time seems to have frozen. The world continues moving, but you feel like you’ve been left behind.

Others around you are also in pain, but no one seems to understand exactly how you feel and what you need.

Everyone tries to be helpful, but it is frustrating to keep hearing phrases like “sorry for your loss”. Those phrases don’t seem to mean very much right now.

You Feel Guilty About Moving On

Sometimes you forget about it all and have an almost typical day, only for it to come rushing back unannounced. It is a normal part of grieving. It is coming in waves.

Therapy can help you to find your new balance and to feel joy again. We will work together to help you grieve in your own way without any judgement or expectation of how you should be feeling right now.

Grow Around Your Pain

Grief might never go away entirely, but therapy can help you grow around it. Imagine a large hole in your garden. Right now, it is hard to miss, and it feels all-consuming. But imagine a garden tenfold as large as your current one. Would the hole be as noticeable?

One goal of therapy is to help to grow yourself so the pain what was first overwhelming will take much less space up in your life in comparison.

Therapy can help you to plant new seeds in a new space and nurture their growth. It can help by focusing on problem-solving, recognising, and managing feelings of loss and making peace with what happened by sharing feelings, exploring the lost relationship, and its impact and considering our mortality.

I have over ten years of experience working with people in a similar situation and have had my own share of grieving in my life. If you feel ready to work together through this, please contact me for a 20-minute free consultation, with no obligation.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown I'm offering online sessions via Skype and over the telephone.

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