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John Bernath, UKCP

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You’ve Tried To Do It All On Your Own

You’ve been trying hard to get better and live a happy life. But it still feels like something is missing. You haven’t completely given up finding a solution. But feeling energised, loved, and living to the fullest feels like a remote possibility right now. 

Distracting Yourself Doesn’t Work

You might have tried to avoid these feelings with smart distractions and putting up a front. But deep inside, you are far from being okay. 

You feel like you need something, but it is hard to get it from the people around you. It seems they don’t understand what you are going through.

Choose To Seize Life

If you broke a leg or an arm, would you hesitate to seek support? Being in emotional pain is just as serious as being in physical pain.

Not living at your full potential means that many opportunities could pass you by. Imagine you were feeling at your best and you were taking up opportunities spontaneously, no longer feeling like you are missing out on life.

John Bernath, UKCP

Certified Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Nottingham

For a free 20 minute consultation

Please contact me by phone at

07874 035240

Therapy Can Help

You will get to know yourself better, work on issues that are challenging, and develop and grow as a person to reach your full potential. Counselling can help you feel more confident and in control of your emotions. By working through the challenges you are facing, you will feel happier, lighter, and regain your vitality.

It might be hard to imagine how you would feel if you dropped the heavy emotional baggage you are carrying. I have seen many times the effect a therapeutic relationship can have on someone’s life, so I would encourage you to work through this.

Therapy is a confidential space where you will be listened to, supported, and respected. I have no other agenda than to help you feel re-energised, being in control, and making peace with the past or with the present. You can expect me to be honest, supportive, and unbiased. I am confident that with work and determination, we can work together to ease the challenges you are experiencing. If you feel like you need support, then please let me help. Contact me today or schedule your free 20-minute consultation. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. I am also trained to provide NLP life-coaching.


Due to the COVID-19 lockdown I'm offering online sessions via Skype and over the telephone.

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