Individual Therapy

Therapy can be beneficial for several different issues, or even if you can’t label what your problem is, but you know something is wrong.
Here are a few of the other issues I can help you with:


Anxiety makes it very hard to sleep. It feels like your brain is on overdrive and you can’t switch it off. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to relax. You’re on edge, and small things can set you off. You might also feel pressure in your chest and have difficulty breathing sometimes.

Anxiety is a lot more common than you think.

Therapy can help you feel in control again. You can reclaim the part of your life that anxiety is blocking. I can help you get in touch with the underlying causes of your fears and worries. Together, we can find ways to relax that work for you. We will work on your coping and problem-solving skills. I will show you the tools to control
your anxiety and teach you how to use them.


Small tasks might feel like a huge burden. It is hard to concentrate. You feel down or even hopeless, and on top of it, your sleep pattern had changed, leaving you feeling tired and low on energy.

Depression is just as important to treat as ill-health. The only difference is that it is easier to find support for a physical illness. The problem is visible, and you can clearly state what is wrong. Depression is more subtle, though no less impairing. It is hard to explain what is wrong. It is hard to tell why people around you seem to know exactly what you need to do, but none of their advice seems to help. They might misunderstand how devastating these feelings can be.

You want to feel energised, alive and back to your old self. Therapy can help you by enabling you to become more aware of the full range of your emotions, including troubling and difficult ones, and helping you to cope with those feelings and put them in a more useful perspective. Conflicts with relationships can also contribute to feelings of depression. We can focus on these relationships and finding ways to cope with the challenges they present.

Relationship Problems

Perhaps you are feeling isolated and want to feel connected. Or maybe you live with a partner and a family.

Either way, it feels like something is wrong. Something has to change, but you are so entangled in your day to day life that you can’t put your finger on what is wrong or how to fix it.

Therapy can be the space to take a step back and get a bird’s eye view reflecting on your challenges with the outside help of a professional.By understanding and identifying the nature of the difficulty, we can work together to find a tailored solution that works for you.

Life Transitions

When your life suddenly changes, you can feel shaken, and you might want to take a step back and reflect, even if in theory, it is a change for the better.

Getting married, having a child, starting your retirement, moving to a different country or getting a promotion all can be overwhelming the same time as being joyful.

You might find that it is beneficial to talk about it with someone who can understand how this has impacted you and who has no agenda other than to help you to make sense of it all so that you can feel better.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown I'm offering online sessions via Skype and over the telephone.

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