Sexual & Domestic Abuse

It Feels Like Things Will Never Be The Same Again

It is difficult to live with the memory of what happened. You might feel part of you is lost forever. You might be playing back again and again what happened, not knowing how to make sense of it. 

Should you have been stronger? Was it your fault? What shall I do with the overwhelming shame?

You feel drained, lost and numb most of the time. It is hard to take joy in things or to have a satisfying intimate relationship with someone. 

It Feels Like Nobody Would Believe You

You’re certain people wouldn’t believe you if you told them what happened. You might have tried to in the past only to be disappointed by those you trusted.

It’s Hard To Make Sense Of It

What you went through was so overwhelming that you don’t know what to tell yourself about it. You keep chewing on it but thinking only brings more overwhelm and lack of sleep. You might have disturbing and unpredictable flashbacks that don’t let you move forward and live your life as you want it.

Therapy Can Help You To Be In Control Again

Imagine if you could go back to being the person you were before, to find your old self. To be able to connect and trust. To be able to sleep and be in control of your emotions. We can work together to gain an understanding of what happened, learn ways coping with it, enabling you to be in control and make sense of what happened in a healthy way.

Starting therapy takes strength and the willingness to go on a journey to change your life. Therapy is not a magic pill, but over time I can help you to regain control to be empowered so you can go back to living at your full potential.

I have over five years’ experience working with people who have experienced sexual and domestic abuse. I have worked with both males and females. The next step is also the hardest one: to reach out for support. If you feel ready, please call me for a free consultation with no obligation.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown I'm offering online sessions via Skype and over the telephone.

Contact Me If You Are Ready To Take The Next Step

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