Life Limiting Illness

The Diagnosis Was a Shock

It is a real shock to face a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. Naturally, your initial reaction might have been a whirlpool of anger, confusion, and disbelief. 

You might be seeking alternative therapies, a second medical opinion, or anything else you can think of to find a way out. It can feel confusing and frustrating that in this day and age, all that can be done is just managing the pain and prolonging life.

Nothing Is The Same Anymore

Whether this is happening to yourself or a loved one, treatment and hospitalisation are demanding physically, financially, and psychologically. A rollercoaster of emotions: fear, regrets, lost opportunities, sadness, anger and frustration. It feels like the care system and people around you are cold and ignorant. They don’t understand what you and your loved ones are going through.

It Feels Hard To Open Up About These Feelings

These emotions are normal, and part of a healthy reaction trying to overcome a difficult situation that requires a lot of adjustment. However, it is hard to know what to do about these feelings. You might feel at times that life is meaningless. You might feel like looking after a loved one isn’t as easy as you thought and that you need additional support. 

I Can Help To Make Sense Of It

In therapy, we will work through these emotions. I will listen to you deeply and help you to move through this challenging situation with more clarity and ease. I have over five years of experience, specifically working with people facing the challenges of a life-limiting illness. I have helped people in this situation to feel more at peace and to manage to get the best out of life by embracing their emotions and rearranging priorities

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